Trading Secrets and Trading Signals

To master the money market of forex trading, you need to invest many things other than money. These investments are hard work, continued learning and determination. Here are some forex trading secrets that when accompanied with hard work, perseverance and tactical approach can help you figure appropriate trading signals and amplify your trading returns multifold.

Follow a reputed trading journal

A trading journal can provide you with a better perspective about the forex market with currency pairs, time frames and trading history that can work out best for you. It can act as your personal database to learn and decide upon intelligible patterns.

Frame a trading plan and put it to stress test

A trading plan is a specific set of rules that is directed towards governing your trading decisions such as entry and exit points, money management etc. However, it must change in due course with the changing markets. Testing all your hypothetical assumptions in real market conditions is necessary for your plan to work.

Develop an understanding about macro-economics

Just reading a financial daily is not enough. Information about parameters such as GDP, interest rate revisions, inflation and earning and manufacturing rate etc is also important. Also, find out how this data is reported to markets and affects currencies.

Risk event calendar

Following a weekly risk event calendar help serious forex traders tap the market buzz towards profit by providing a better insight about the prevailing situation.

Pursue COT Report

The COT (Commitment of Traders) report provide a better insight about the big players of the market that have a major say towards influencing market orientations.

In short, for those looking for trading secrets and trading signals it is worth mentioning that there are no shortcuts or sure-shot tricks towards winning. Careful planning, continual learning and tactful decisions are the key-points towards achieving success in the forex market.

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Unravel the Secret to Successful Trading With the Best Trading Strategies

When people talk about best trading strategies in the forex market, it generally refers to a trading method. However, it is just one aspect of a comprehensive trading plan. With proper trading strategy one can gain beneficial entry signals, but it is also important to consider position sizing, risk management and knowing how to close a deal.

Here are some trading patterns –

  • Scalping – These are very short duration trades that normally last for just a few minutes time. The trader just looks to grab few profit points before closing the deal. Commonly, tick charts are used for this purpose.
  • Day Trading – In this category, deals are closed before the commencement of the day. It annuls the chances of getting adversely affected by large overnight moves. Deals last for few hours and the charts used show price after one or two minutes.
  • Swing Trading - The deals last for several days at stretch and traders look for profit with respect to short term price swings.
  • Positional Trading – It is a long term trade and typically end-of-the-day charts are followed and traders look to make profits through long term price trends.