Trading Secrets in the stock market

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Below is a list of some of the best recommended online Binary Options in the stock market. Trade binary options on some of the best binary options brokers. We advise to use the best trading platforms for beginners. Click the link for a complete review on how to trade binary options. You can also open binary options demo account if you want to try out the platform before you deposit funds into the account.

Broker Min Deposit Min trade amount Open Account
anyoption €100 €25
iqoption €10 €1
365 €100 €5
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Best Forex Brokers

Below is a list of some of the best recommended online Forex trading brokers. We advise to use the best trading platforms for beginners in the open stock market. If you want to learn the trading secrets to be a successful investor, you need to master your entry and exit signals.

Brand Min Deposit Regulator Open Account
xtrade €200 CYSEC
xm €5 FCA
trading secrets €200 CYSEC, FCA
cmt €250 FSP
trading secrets €100 MIFID
optek €250 CYSEC
iron €50 CYSEC
hycm €250 FCA
360 €100 CySEC
trading secrets €100 CIF

Day trading secrets tip

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"If you are able to manage your bankroll, and slowly grow your capital, you are a successful trader."

Our mission

Here you will learn the DAY TRADING SECRETS the professionals WILL NOT share. You will learn why you are part of the 83% of UNSUCCESSFUL TRADERS and you will master your TRADING skills to become a pro. You will also benefit from TRADING SIGNALS that will help you enter and exit TRADES.

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Five Minute Investing: How To Evaluate A Trading Strategy

This is a necessary element for any good plan of investing, especially the part about letting gains run to their full potential. As long as a portfolio is well-diversified, you can probably afford to make the mistake of holding onto your losers, but ..

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7 Day trading secrets you should know before trading

We are going to share these 7 simple day trading secrets with you because we feel you deserve to be fully trained and prepared to day trade. The benefits of knowing these day trading secrets will help you achieve bigger profits.

  1. Always set your price limits before entering new trades.
  2. Be very patient.
  3. Discipline comes first.
  4. Only trade what you can afford to lose
  5. Always go for a 3:1 winning ratio
  6. Do not put all your trades in 1 basket.
  7. When in doubt, avoid entering trades

For those of you who are into day trading, do not leave open trades unattended. Always look out for news that can affect the performance of any open trades. Day trading is also known as short term trading. We always suggest you keep the day trading secrets in the scope of every open trade. Always set Stop loss and Take profits in every trade. If the trade is not in your favor, it's best if it closes right on the previous resistance or support level (depending on trend direction). Trading signals will always be useful, however, you have to be patient and open trades at the right time. Trading signals are the result of good technical analysis. Use multiple indicators to confirm your studies. Place all the previous day major Support and Resistance levels and use them to determine the continuation of trends or trend reversal.

Stock market

The stock market is the best place to trade the online forex market. With a fast pace, trades come and go, traders rise, and others fall. The best times to trade the stock market is durin 09-11 and 12-16. Once you have reached your daily targets, stop and continue the following day. Look for the best trading entry signals to enter trades. Be careful, the stock market is a wild place and you wouldn't want to be a part of it if the necessary technical analysis and know how is tackled.

Binary options demo account

As a general rule, the suggetion is to always open a binary options demo account before depositing funds into an actual wallet. The benefit of binary options demo account is that you can play around with the platform without losing any money until you familiarise yourself with the platform used. Once you are happy with the platform, you can switch off the binary options demo account and open a new binary options real account and trade the stock market.


Fibonacci Retracements

Learn how to trade using the fibonacci retracements to enter and exit trades.

Fibonacci Retracements

Technical Analysis

Learn how to use technical analysis to make the necessary preparations before you enter a trade.

Technical Analysis







Video Tutorials

Click below for a video representation of how some of the indicators work

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